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THE  Music Collector  launches " COLLECTORING ", a loyalty program for accumulating points. Our customers purchase any product through our website and accumulate points to be redeemed for discounts on subsequent purchases.  

How it works:

2 Collectors Points for every R$1.00 of your purchase.

100 Collectors points = R$1.00 off your next purchase  


Your purchase with a total of BRL 1,000 accumulates 2,000 points

2,000 points = R$20.00 off.


General rules of the Collectoring Program: 

- The accumulated score is personal, non-transferable and the discount will be granted on the final purchase price in which the score is applied;

- The validity of each point is 6 months, after this period, the consumer will lose the amount of points accumulated within this period;

- The points acquired will be linked to the user/email used in the registration at the time of purchase, it will not be possible to transfer points between accounts;

- The score is only valid for the final value of the product, the shipping value is excluded from the score.




Did you like it? Come with us to accumulate Collectors Points, enjoy the music and build new stories.


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